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The Parable of the Good Samaritan
Luke 5:25-37 | Sun, May 30, 2021

Summary: Biblical love transcends boundaries of geography, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status and even personal convenience. And when we love our neighbor, we show that we love God. Our neighbors are those who have legitimate needs for which God has given us the resources to help meet those needs. So being a good Samaritan means moving toward them and not away from them.

The Parable of the Talents
Matthew 15:14-30 | Sun, May 23, 2021

Summary: We have to understand that the character of God is good. He is gracious and will reward us according to our faithfulness. So whatever personality, abilities, and talents God has given you, use it for His glory and His honor. Serve God in humility and serve with an attitude of thankfulness.

The Mind of a King
Sun, May 23, 2021

The Workers in the Vineyard and the Fair Employer
Matthew 20:1-16 | Sun, May 09, 2021

Summary: God’s unmerited or undeserved favor, can be seen in Jesus’ parable of the Workers in the Vineyard and the Fair Employer. We are challenged to follow His example. God is fair and just, and this story tells us about God and His unlimited grace for each person.

The Persistent Widow and the Corrupt Judge
Luke 18:1-8 | Sun, May 02, 2021

Summary: Faithful, never-ceasing, persistent prayer is the permanent calling of every true disciple of Christ who is dedicated to living for the Kingdom of God. Like the persistent widow, we are needy, dependent people who trust in our gracious, loving, and merciful God alone to supply what we need.

Love Reigns Over Our Future
Matthew 6:25-34 | Sun, Apr 25, 2021

Summary: Too many people are consumed with worry and anxiety about what tomorrow might hold. This fear can be paralyzing. As Christians we believe that our loving heavenly Father is always looking out for us. He takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers of the field and that gives us confidence that He will take care of us too. There is no benefit from worry, in fact, anxiety only hurts us. Let’s trust God and allow Him to guide our steps.

Love Reigns Over Our Present
Romans 12:1-2 | Sun, Apr 18, 2021

Summary: God’s great mercy became a transforming reality through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This mercy is a result of God’s love for us, and this love invites us to live differently in the present. We are to be living sacrifices that no longer conform to the patterns of the world. The world around us is deceptive, selfish, angry, and foolish. These cannot be the patterns we live by today.

Love Reigns Over Our Past
2 Corinthians 5:17-21 | Sun, Apr 11, 2021

Summary: Jesus Christ demonstrated his love for humanity by sacrificially giving his life on the cross and resurrecting from the dead. Because of this incredible act of love, those who are in Christ have become new creations. All of our past mistakes, sins, and miscues have been covered by the blood of Jesus. Our past no longer has the last word and final say over our lives. We have been given a fresh start!

Love Reigns (Easter)
Matthew 27:32-42 | Sun, Apr 04, 2021

Summary: As Jesus was being crucified, those who mocked Him did not see Him as the true King who rules and reigns. After Jesus’ resurrection, He revealed Himself to His disciples and because of His defeat of death, He claims all authority over heaven and earth. It was Jesus’ love for us that held Him on the cross. His love reigns in our lives when we put our faith, hope, and trust in Him.

Who Is This SERMON
Matthew 21:1-11 | Sun, Mar 28, 2021

Summary: The prophecies from Scripture foretold the death of Jesus. But people throughout history have misunderstood the mission of Christ. The Jews thought the Messiah would overcome the Roman government oppressing them and would immediately set up God’s kingdom on earth. So who is this Jesus? Find out as Pastor Terrell leads us on a journey through the Scriptures concerning the Triumphal entry.


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